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Our project in West Africa

Since 2007, members of our association have been involved in a medical aid project for West Africa. Over the years, several containers of medical technology and materials have been donated to hospitals. The transport costs were around 4,500 euros per container. In terms of large equipment, the focus was on laboratory technology and X-ray equipment.  In several hospitals in Gambia, in Yundum, Banjul and in the eastern part of the country, the systems could be set up and put into operation, and we also helped on site. Three young Gambians were invited to Germany, trained and are now working there again. In recent years we have been able to organize consumables and an all-terrain vehicle for the doctors.

So far, the project has been financed exclusively from the private funds of association members and income from the activities of our association. Here we are now reaching our limits.

A repair and maintenance team on site as well as a few spare parts are urgently needed before the summer. We would also like to help convert the X-ray systems to digital image acquisition, since the systems still work with film and developer technology and there are always bottlenecks with the X-ray films and the necessary chemicals.

We would like to send an X-ray engineer and another technician to Gambia for a week to get the systems working again or, if necessary, to convert them. We have already procured some of the necessary spare parts.

Please support us. The two helpers of the maintenance team are working free of charge, all donations are spent entirely on material and material costs on site!

And yes, that is just a small grain of sand and will hardly change anything measurably in the overall problem of inadequate medical care and quality of life in Africa. We're running ant tactics. A few more ants can build a sizeable pile of sand.


Please help. Participate.

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