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motorcycle squadron


All machines are equipped with an AED (defibrillator), a first aid bag/backpack filled with DIN standards and some with oxygen. In addition, there is safety material to protect danger and accident spots.
Our drivers are all trained paramedics/first responders and paramedics, experienced motorcyclists with many years of driving experience on large, heavy machines. Nevertheless, our drivers complete a driving safety training once a year in order to master the handling of your machine perfectly, even in operational situations. Just meandering through with the big machines in a non-existent emergency lane on the motorway requires quite a bit of driving skills.
The tasks of the motorcycle squadron include the First Responder service. The aim of the First Responder service is to bridge the interval-free time until the regular rescue service arrives. The tasks of the motorcycle squadron also include looking after the motorway in the event of a traffic jam and securing accidents or danger spots.
For larger events such as cycling events or other 2-wheel events, we have been cooperating with the MTBS motorcycle squad since 2017. MTBS is a safety squad designed to accompany and secure the course and implementation of all events on 2 wheels.
Are you interested and would you like to join us?

Feel free to contact us at: or at: 0176-754 83 442

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