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General Messages


Main Street 30A

RTW/ ITW stationary in LWIW

Transfers within the Ukraine or to the UK/PL border with transfer to the Polish rescue service. Support with the organization on site.

RTW/ ITW stationary in LWIW
RTW/ ITW stationary in LWIW

Time & Location

General Messages

Main Street 30A, Hauptstrasse 30A, 15326 Zeschdorf, Germany


About the event


Classification will be announced on site.

Please bring

  • Valid passport is mandatory. Please check again before departure!
  • PPE
  • Hygiene products
  • Personal items (mobile phone, charging cable, health insurance card,...)
  • change of clothes 
  • bedding, etc 


Free parking spaces are available on our club premises. 

Arriving by train: Please let me know in good time when you arrive at Frankfurt (Oder) main station or Briesen station so that I can organize pick-up. 

Please report delays by phone on 033602/ 90 9999.

After the ride

After the trip you have the opportunity to stay overnight in our clubhouse. You drive 40 hours with little/poor sleep. 

Sanitary facilities and a kitchen are freely available in the clubhouse.


Please bring your own uniform. If you don't have one or if you can see other organizations on the jacket, please let me know. 


Cancellations are always to be reported by telephone on 0152/ 2679 4295 . No news.

Thank you for your support! 

Warm greetings 

Andy Nindelt 

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